Why should schools have lockers?

Answer School lockers are an essential tool within school systems that are needed out of practicality and also as a means for students to learn organizational skills. Students need lockers to store books,... Read More »

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Should all middle schools use lockers?

On One Hand: Lockers Can Be Places to Store Drugs and WeaponsWith the threat of violence on campuses across the country, it is irresponsible for administrators to supply a storage area for the smal... Read More »

Why Should Kids Have Lockers in School?

School lockers are a stereotypical mainstay of the school experience and are commonly found in middle and high schools. For school administrators, the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining... Read More »

Reasons School Should Not Be Allowed to Search Backpacks & Lockers?

School authorities are currently allowed to check students' lockers and backpacks if they feel the student is breaking the law or posing a threat to the safety of the school. They do not need a war... Read More »

Reasons to Have Lockers in School?

When many people think of a middle or high school, they remember long rows of lockers in the hallways. Providing lockers for students gives them a safe place to store belongings, but many schools r... Read More »