Why should people recycle plastic?

Answer We've all done it-- thrown away a plastic bottle when most of us know better. Recycling can be a hard habit to adopt, especially when a lot of individuals are simply unaware of just how beneficial ... Read More »

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How many people recycle metal compared to plastic?

According to the EPA, 35 percent of metals were recycled in 2008. Plastics were recycled at a rate of approximately 29 percent. Both were recycled less than paper, which had a recycling rate of 70 ... Read More »

How many people recycle plastic containers on average?

While no exact number can be shown as to the average amount of people recycling, in 2005, it is estimated that approximately 32 percent of all plastic containers used in the United States were recy... Read More »

Should I get plastic surgery because some people make fun of a part of my body?

Your surgeon is after money. If you are fit then the others are jealous. Ignore the people who are trying to upset you. Doing various sports will enhance various muscles and that is just the way i... Read More »

Can you recycle No. 6 plastic?

You can recycle No. 6 plastic items, but it can be difficult to find recycling programs that accept them. No. 6 plastic items are recycled into rulers, foam packing, insulation, light switch plates... Read More »