Why should people choose prepaid legal?

Answer Prepaid legal plans offer legal insurance that minimizes the cost of coverage for group policyholders who are current with their monthly premium. Prepaid legal covers unexpected legal expenses in m... Read More »

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How do I invest in prepaid legal stocks?

Prepaid legal plans are purchased by individuals and offered by employers to cover the cost of future legal advice or assistance. There are many different prepaid legal plans offered by a range of ... Read More »

Does prepaid legal handle family law?

yes they do, but they charge pretty good, I ended up canceling it because it was not woth it, plus they wanted me to go to Richmond VA, like 100 miles away from where I live so that I can meet with... Read More »

Is prepaid legal a good deal?

On One Hand: Read The Fine Print.It is argued that a prepaid legal services plan is another fly-by-night service capitalizing on the legal needs of the "less fortunate." Before locking yourself int... Read More »

Is it legal for police to wire tap a prepaid cell phone?

Police can legally wiretap any phone, including prepaid phones. However, because many prepaid phones are sold without a credit or background check, they are completely anonymous and untraceable. As... Read More »