Why should pastors pray?

Answer Prayer is important to pastors because they need wisdom and strength to minister to the people in their churches, their families and their communities. And once pastors receive this, they're better... Read More »

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Please pray for my father. He had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. I will pray for your peace?

Your father, you and your family will be in my prayers as you go through this stressful time. May God grant you peace in knowing He is in control and comfort you with His presence.My mother was ve... Read More »

My boyfreind have had thoes lums on his private man part for a long tiem, is it fordcye bumps Should I pray?

I have had many answered prayers and yes i will pray with you about this. There is one thing i know is that with God all things are possible!!!Love and Blessings† Dvoted2Jesus Prayer Warrior †

My child is dying of diabetes, should I pray like I've never prayed before or pick up some insulin from Doc?

i hope you're asking this because you just seen that story .. and i hope that you're joking . yes ... i would take the child to the doctors ...immediately!!

Tax Deductions for Pastors?

A member of the clergy may be considered an employee of the congregation if the pastor is paid a salary by the church organization, according to WorldWideWeb Tax. In certain circumstances, a pastor... Read More »