Why should or shouldn't I join Facebook?

Answer PROS: Keep in touch and talk to friends and make plans, view pictures of friends, laugh, comment..etcCONS: All your information about everything is in the hands of someone else and corporations tha... Read More »

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Should i join facebook?

I would chose not to join Face Book. Yes, so many people join, but I really would rather prefer not to. I think sometimes if you blog, you will lose your privacy. I have heard on the news that peop... Read More »

Should I join Facebook I will if you say so - I won't if you don't!?

No non niet nein! I'ts the most time consuming, juvenile,boring, waste of space on the web. Note what others say about getting out to meet your friends. Also note what the site operators can do wi... Read More »

I need info on Facebook, I want to join but I don't know if I should....?

FACEBOOK is really good, all the things on there are good! It really helps you stay in touch with friends. You can comment on almost anything. And one great thing about it is the chat feature. You ... Read More »

What does a cheek piercing look like when its out and why should and shouldnt i get it done?

It looks like someone poked a 14g hole in a dimple. Cheek piercings undergo a lot of flexing and tugging durring daily life, so they heal up with a sturdy opening that is very visible while they ar... Read More »