Why should infants wear shoes?

Answer It seems infants need so many things during their first days and weeks of life, many don't think of shoes as an essential. Shoes may seem silly on an infant who isn't walking yet, but they are bene... Read More »

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At what age should infants wear shoes?

Babies should begin wearing shoes when they first start walking. This is usually around when the child turns 1 year old. Although there are shoes available for infants, they can hinder the child's ... Read More »

Should I wear these shoes to work?

Really? They want you to wear flats or sandals in a shoe store? That's not what I expected. I thought they would have wanted you to be wearing heels and looking good in them. I guess they're tr... Read More »

What shoes should I wear to a strict private school?

Hmmmm.... could any of these work??……… Read More »

What kind of shoes, accessories, etc. should i wear with this dress?

Here are two possible looks:1) Silver heels, silver jewelry, and for hair, curl your hair and if it's long enough pull it over 1 shoulder and fasten it with a silver hair jewel or flower2) For a su... Read More »