Why should income taxes be lower?

Answer Numerous attempts have been made to lower or abolish federal and state income taxes and replace them with other sources of revenue to fund the government. Opponents of the income tax say it unfairl... Read More »

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Do lower income citizens pay taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, all citizens must pay taxes, including citizens who earn a low income. For citizens not to pay taxes, they would have to earn less than $600 dollars per y... Read More »

How much should be withheld for federal income taxes?

The amount of income you make, your tax status (single or married) and the amount of dependents you claim determines how much should be withheld for federal income taxes. For help determining your ... Read More »

Should we file our income taxes separately if we are married?

On One Hand: Filing Jointly Offers Many BenefitsIn many cases, a couple saves money by filing a joint return. There are numerous credits that cannot be claimed by married people filing separately, ... Read More »

How long should personal income taxes be kept?

On One Hand: IRS Only Audits Three Previous YearsThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a statute of limitations that prevents it from auditing a tax return after three years. Once April 15, 2011 c... Read More »