Why should immigrants learn to speak english?

Answer Although forcing newcomers in America to learn the English language has been a topic of heated debate for quite awhile, experts and immigrants alike agree that there are several benefits for those ... Read More »

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Where can one learn to speak the type of English the BBC used to speak before it dumbed itself down?

Not collectively but each actors website has a contact address or a way to get one for each actor

How to Help Immigrants Learn English?

At least 10 million immigrants have moved to the United States over the last decade, many without English language skills. Moving to a foreign country without the ability to speak the language can... Read More »

Are immigrants required to learn English?

The ability to read, write and speak English is one of the requirements for obtaining U.S. citizenship. Learning English is not a requirement for a Green Card, or permanent resident status in the U... Read More »

Should we make immigrants learn english?

On One Hand: One Language UnitesA common language used for all government proceedings and documents will be an incentive for everyone to become proficient in English. This will unify the country cu... Read More »