Why should i invest in stocks and shares?

Answer Investors buy stocks to build long-term wealth, in step with the general economy. Identify the basic concepts of corporate finance prior to putting money to work in stocks.IdentificationCorporation... Read More »

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How to Invest in Oil Shares?

Investing a small portion of your investment portfolio in commodities like oil can act as a hedge against more traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Oil and other commodities often rise wh... Read More »

How Many Shares Should a Beginner Buy in Stocks?

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How do stocks&shares work?

Companies use shares of stock to raise money for future investments, according to They sell parts of their stock, or "shares," to people or companies that think their company is a wi... Read More »

Stocks & Shares Tutorial?

Owning stock or shares in a company means that you are a partial owner of it. With tens of thousands of stocks of publicly trade companies available to purchase, deciding which one is worth buying ... Read More »