Why should you care for plants?

Answer We all should care for plants because they provide us with oxygen and carbon.

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Why should you care about plants?

Plants act as a type of mediator on Earth. The provide habitat for 1000's of species, they provide us with oxygen to breathe, they have a low reflectivity of sunlight to help keep the Earth's clima... Read More »

What should I put in a military care package?

On One Hand: Consider Troop's SituationWhat is the sailor experiencing? Is he in a dry climate, or on a ship? Plan a budget before you shop. Include location specific comforts, such as lip balm and... Read More »

Why is Adalia Rose so special and why should I care?

she's special because she has an EXTREMELY rare disease that causes her to age fast aabout 5 people in the world have it or something like that. You should care because she won't be like the normal... Read More »