Why should elementary kids have cell phones?

Answer Sometimes it seems like children are addicted to talking and texting on cell phones. It may make you wonder if young children are mature enough to have these devices. However, there are some reason... Read More »

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What is the percentage of kids in elementary school with cell phones?

According to the Center on Media and Child Health, roughly 22 percent of children between the ages of six and nine own cell phones as of 2007. For children ages 10 to 14, roughly 60 percent carry c... Read More »

Do u think kids should have cell phones?

If the child is responsible enough and you feel there is a need for them to have one then yes.There is a great new cell phone called the firefly that only allows children to call the numbers the pa... Read More »

Should kids have their own cell phones?

On One Hand: Cell Phones For Kids Offer Certain AdvantagesCell phones can provide extra convenience when your child needs a ride, is going to be late or if you just want to check up on her. They ca... Read More »

What age should kids get cell phones?