Why should children learn science?

Answer Since the current trend in the United States embodies a wave of standardized testing focusing on mathematics and language arts, other subjects are often deemed as unimportant. One subject in partic... Read More »

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When should children learn a foreign language?

On One Hand: Brain DevelopmentWhen babies are born, their brain cells begin to connect as soon as they experience something. When a baby hears language, his brain cells connect to the sounds and as... Read More »

Should people who adopt children, internationally, be required to learn the child's native language?

Yes and even on a basic level but in reality fluency is not possible with some languages as Mei has expressed. Although love is important so is communication especially at such a young age when th... Read More »

Which Children learn faster deaf children or hearing children?

Neither. Although there are always individual differences, there is no reason to believe that a deaf child would be either more or less intelligent than a hearing child. Studies have shown that whe... Read More »

How to Learn Science & Math?

Learning science and mathematics can be very challenging for many students because it almost exclusively uses the left side of the brain. Since the left-brain focuses on logic, reason and critical ... Read More »