Why should children have a bedtime?

Answer so they won't be up all night and sleeping the whole day

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Should parents set a bedtime for a 17 year old?

No, 17 years old is almost 18 and that would then make the teenager no longer a minor. It is best if the parents let their teenager know that they need their sleep and let the teenager decide what ... Read More »

How to Have a Good Bedtime Routine?

Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep at night? If so, then you probably need a better routine to get you ready for bedtime. This article will help you get a better bedtime routine so you can b... Read More »

What rights should children have?

I belive they should have all of the rights on the Bill of Rights. However perhaps the right to bear arms.

Should everyone have the right to children?

Everyone who is capable of loving the child, is able to provide for that child, will protect the child from abuse and neglect, and is willing to parent their children should have the right to have ... Read More »