Why should bikers wear helmets?

Answer Riding a bicycle provides a way for kids and adults to exercise and travel to school and work. All bicycle riders should wear helmets to provide head protection in case of an accident.FactsWearing ... Read More »

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Why should kids wear helmets?

Children should wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injury when riding bicycles or participating in other recreational activities. Wearing a properly fit helmet can save a child's life.Function... Read More »

Why should people who drive motorcycles wear helmets?

There are many pro's and very few cons to wearing a helmet. First and foremost is protection. A good DOT approved helmet can prevent serious injury in the event you are thrown from your bike. It le... Read More »

Should people riding motorcycles be legally required to wear helmets?

On One Hand: Protection and StatisticsAccording to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcyclist is 37 times more likely to get hurt or killed in a crash than is an occupan... Read More »

BIKERS Do you nod at other bikers, or don't you bother?

I wave at everyone! To such an extent, when I'm packin' the wife I get in trouble for sticking my arm out when we're deep in a curve at say sixty plus. When I started riding I was 19 years old in S... Read More »