Why should a person get vaccinated?

Answer Vaccines are inert or harmless weak versions of deadly viruses and diseases, when given to you your own immune system will develop immunity to them. Many fatal diseases have been effectively cured... Read More »

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What happens if a person is not vaccinated against a disease?

Normally, nothing happen. However, you're putting yourself as well as everybody around you at risk of getting the disease that the vaccine is trying to prevent.

Can a vaccinated person still catch the swine flu?

no because a vaccine is weakened germs of that virus. your immune system fights the weakened germs then it can fight the stronger ones

Who should get vaccinated?

People with certain sicknesess or dieases should get the shot to protect themself and help out their body and rpevent from preding the disease or sickness.

Should my dad get vaccinated?

vaccine are there for prevention of diseases so your dad needs it to prevent further complication of his current disease .