Why should a company use a recruiter?

Answer Companies use recruiters for locating qualified applicants that fit specific requirements for job openings. Most corporate recruiting firms spend time procuring applicants as well as searching for ... Read More »

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Should a Job Seeker Pay a Recruiter?

In effort to score a better job--or, in many cases, any job at all--a job seeker will turn to a professional recruiter. This recruiter is generally hired by one or more companies to fill positions ... Read More »

Should I Use a Recruiter or Headhunter?

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How long should I retain company records after a company shutdown?

There are different guidelines for keeping business records when your company closes. In general, however, financial documents should be kept on hand for seven years. Never throw out IRAs and retir... Read More »

If a property management company omits an account and fails to collect the fees due should the management company reimburse the homeowners association for the loss?

Answer lien it's not a property management duty to pay HOA fees, it is owners duty,but property management Co may be able to pay due to HOA from the proceeds of the rent collected by them..if owner... Read More »