Why should a 17-year-old wait if she knows she really wants to get pregnant?

Answer Answer Having a child seriously limits your options in life. Most significantly if you aren't already married it limits the potential for a lasting marital relation with someone who might be in yo... Read More »

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What should you do if you are a sixteen year old girl in a serious relationship who really wants to get pregnant and he thinks you should go for it?

Answer I would advise that person to spend times with children "infants" for at least one weekend on her own and if she feels she can handle it she should then determine if she was to get pregnant... Read More »

What should a 14-year-old boy do if he got a 14-year-old girl pregnant and she wants to keep the baby?

No matter what, Stay in school. Please, don't keep this a secret from your parents. You need to inform them what happened. They will know what's best on what to do. Good luck. Tell her how you feel... Read More »

If you are a 14 year old boy and your girlfriend thinks she is pregnant and wants to have an abortion what should you do?

AnswerEncourage her to have the baby and give it up for adoption. This way, she doesn't have to kill the baby and another couple will be given the greatest gift ever. Abortion is irresponsible, it ... Read More »

What should a 17-year-old do when she really wants a baby but she doesn't know how her parents will take it?

AnswerIf you believe you're mature and strong enough to being a child into the world, then you should be mature and strong enough to sit and talk with your parents. Beware, though: It takes about $... Read More »