Why should I wear a jock strap lifting weights?

Answer Jock straps provide support for male genitalia, and their use depends on the preference of the individual. They can be helpful when weightlifting for those with certain conditions, but are not nece... Read More »

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Should i loose fat before i start lifting weights again?

Oh no... I got 3 stress fractures in my lumbar spine and I am almost pain free so I started lifting wieghts and even though I gained wieght while on break I feel like I have started to drop a few p... Read More »

How Much Protein Should a Woman Have Who Is Lifting Weights?

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What foods should I avoid while I am lifting weights?

YES YES YES. To build muscle, you need an excess of calories. So you need to be eating lots of EVERYTHING. Carbs, protein, and fat. Now, don't overdo it, but I wouldn't worry about cutting them out... Read More »

Just finished lifting weights should I eat drink a protein in shake?

I would say you need more protein for your age, especially considering you are lifting weights (i am assuming to gain muscles). this website goes into more details! Read More »