Why should I use CO2 in my planted aquarium?

Answer Plants on land use carbon dioxide as part of their life cycle, as do aquarium plants. Providing extra CO2 will help aquarium plants not only survive but to achieve luxuriant growth.Simple LogicJust... Read More »

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How to Set up a Planted Goldfish Aquarium?

My own planted goldfish aquarium.Do you love both the cuteness of goldfish and the natural beauty of a planted underwater scene? It is a challenging yet fun task to create the goldfish planted tank.

Can you use Reveal lightbulbs for a planted aquarium?

You can use Reveal light bulbs for a planted aquarium if they are the correct size and wattage for the fixture. Reveal bulbs produce incandescent light, which is the best kind for hardy aquarium pl... Read More »

Can you use reveal light bulbs for a planted aquarium?

Aquariums need to have lighting that simulates natural light conditions. Sunlight emits the "full spectrum" of wavelengths, supporting photosynthesis as well as an overall healthy ecosystem. Reveal... Read More »

Does grass spread after planted, or does it just grow in the spots that it was planted in?

Hey Roxanne,Grass can spread in several ways. The roots will get stronger and more blades will shoot up: Rhizomes on some varieties will grow underground and come up randomly, spreading the grass... Read More »