Why should I tolerate non-veg*ns?

Answer as a vegan, here's why i tolerate omnivores. i can do no good by ridiculing people for what they have done naturally their whole life. i cant push them away just for being themselves. instead, i ha... Read More »

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How much pain can u tolerate?

When I am having a headache they give me the 1-10 scale and i give them a 4, they ask why I'm there, I explain it works like a Richter scale. I've been shot, w/ vest on by 9mm (that hurts), broke a... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat to Tolerate a Bath?

Cats are generally 'self-cleaning' animals, but the day may come when you need to give yours a bath.Cats don't naturally like to get wet, and giving a cat a bath can result in hurt feelings and scr... Read More »

How to Tolerate Kids?

Kids can be a drag sometimes. Lets go over some options. This article is pretty much only useful for childless people who are forced to be around other people's children occasionally. With that in ... Read More »