Why should I spay my animal?

Answer Pets should be spayed or neutered for a number of reasons; protecting animals is the number one reason many organizations advocate spaying or neutering a pet. Spaying is the procedure done on femal... Read More »

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How much does it cost to spay a dog?

Spaying is only done to female dogs and is the equivalent of neutering a male dog. The cost of spaying a dog will vary from region to region and can range from $50 to $175 or more, as of 2010.Sourc... Read More »

Can you spay a cat that is nursing?

It is possible to spay a cat while she's nursing her kittens, although most veterinarians wait until the litter is weaned for at least two weeks. Spaying a nursing cat is slightly more difficult, a... Read More »

Dog Spay and Infection?

As with most any surgery, dog spays have the potential for infection. During a dog spay, the abdomen is opened up, creating the opportunity for bacteria and other organism to enter the dog's body. ... Read More »

What is spay incontinence?

Spay incontinence is a condition experienced by female dogs after they have been spayed, a procedure that renders them unable to have puppies. This condition can be very frustrating for pet owners.... Read More »