Why should I remove a Bandaid at night?

Answer It needs air to dry it out. If the wound is left under a bandaid, it will stay moist and not heal as quickly. You also get that horrible, wrinkly white skin effect like you have been soaking in the... Read More »

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Do you think my cut needs more than a bandaid ?

Bandaides if it is that deep are not going to prevent the bleeding or promote healing.Grab a CLEAN, LINT FREE towel and firmly wrap your up in it.Place this hand above your heart level and KEEP THE... Read More »

How do you say "bandaid" in the uk?

It's not Elastoplast at all. The correct word is just 'plaster'. Elastoplast is just a BRAND NAME for a plaster.That's like saying the English word for 'cereal' is Kelloggs!

How do i take this bandaid off?

Take a warm shower, or soak your arm is warm water. The water will soften everything(make it less adhesive) and you should be able to slowly peel the band aid off without bringing the skin.

Was my Bandaid on to tight?

Yeah it will so dont panic. It may have been a little tight but once your skins dried the colour should come back. Provided you still have sensation beyond the white part then you have nothing to w... Read More »