Why should I remove a Bandaid at night?

Answer It needs air to dry it out. If the wound is left under a bandaid, it will stay moist and not heal as quickly. You also get that horrible, wrinkly white skin effect like you have been soaking in the... Read More »

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Should i put a bandaid on my blister?

Yes because it will help the blister not get rubbed as much

Should I keep my cut covered with a bandaid or let it breathe?

I suggest you keep the bandaid on for a while, but if it starts to go red or sting, you should let it breathe for a bit. I wear a bandaid when I sleep if I have a cut until it's closed enough that ... Read More »

I just tore off a scab. How much blood should I allow to seep out before I get a bandaid for this thing?

lol ScuzzyIt's been about 5 hours since you posted this. I'm curious to know what you ended up doing. If it scabbed back over are you going to tear it off again? I'm seriously dying to know the out... Read More »

How do you say "bandaid" in the uk?

It's not Elastoplast at all. The correct word is just 'plaster'. Elastoplast is just a BRAND NAME for a plaster.That's like saying the English word for 'cereal' is Kelloggs!