Why should I go to school?

Answer Although rolling out of your warm bed to make it to class on time is seldom appealing, going to school provides several short- and long-term benefits.SocializationBarbara and Philip Newman explain ... Read More »

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Should I shower the night before school or the morning of school?

it is best to do both. but morning is fine because you'll feel refreshed, awake, and smell good!!!trust me i take a bath in the morning everyday!

Should advertising be allowed on school buses and school ground?

No. Advertising on school grounds would actually contribute to more issues amongst students. That is one reason why many schools have opted to have school uniforms for students because if you ha... Read More »

I recently acquired contact lenses and am still in school. What things should i bring to school with me?

Your case, in case they both you, and a travel size bottle of your cleaning solution.You can pour it directly onto the contact while still in the eye without irritation, you may need a tissue though.

Why should drug testing should not implemented to high school?

Only a court order can terminate parental rights and only in serious cases. When a parent petitions the family court to terminate or curtail the rights of the other parent they must provide proof t... Read More »