Why should I get an HD TV if things will look worse?

Answer Lol that's funny. Provide some links with examples and maybe some of us can determine why is that. The complaints I'm hearing sound more like DVD upscaling or regular DVD movies on HDTV, and not ... Read More »

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Will things get worse, now that google has pulled the plug on yahoo?

I haven't heard about that, but I'm sure if things can get any worse, they probably will!

Afraid teeth/smile will look worse after getting braces...?

well i don't know how you look but i still don't think you have anything to worry about. as far as the braces pushing your teeth back, i don't think it would make that much of a difference it will ... Read More »

Things Women Should Look for at 50 Years Old?

There is nothing to fear about reaching 50. Your grooming changes slightly as you grow older, and your hair, skin and body adapt to changes in your hormones, but you still take on the thrills, spil... Read More »

I am short-sighted. Every year my eyesight gets worse, will it go to the stage that I will be blind?

You won't get blind. But unfortunately no one will help you, especially not eye doctors, optometrists and opticians. Sad but true. You are experiencing the same thing that happened to billions of p... Read More »