Why should I get an HD TV if things will look worse?

Answer Lol that's funny. Provide some links with examples and maybe some of us can determine why is that. The complaints I'm hearing sound more like DVD upscaling or regular DVD movies on HDTV, and not ... Read More »

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What are some ways to help someone fighting depression, without making things worse?

as a bi polar person i know a thing or too about depression. the only thing that kept me exercising was for someone to do it with me and make me get up off my hiney. Make them go out because they ... Read More »

Will things get worse, now that google has pulled the plug on yahoo?

I haven't heard about that, but I'm sure if things can get any worse, they probably will!

Do VHS tapes play MUCH worse or only slightly worse when played on a flat screen tv instead of a tube tv?

VHS tapes have maybe 220 lines of resolution. The best way to hook one of these up to a mondern TV is to use a yellow composite cable. It will turn that 220 lines into 480 lines. This signal wil... Read More »

What was the Twilight Zone episode where the guy could not understand individual words and it got worse and worse until he understood nothing and had to join his young child learning from an ABC book?

The title is "Wordplay" and it's second episode of season one of the 1985 Twilight Zone series.