Why should I do about a bumble bee bite?

Answer I don't think bees bite, it must be a sting. Make sure you get the stinger out and put some ice and maybe cream on it. See a doctor if it gets any worse!

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How do I find a Bumble& Bumble representative?

Step 1To find a representative of Bumble and Bumble, a high-class celebrity and fashion New York-based hair care company, go to their official website at 1Click Salon... Read More »

How are a bumble bee&a honey bee different?

Honey bees and bumble bees do share many features but also have differences. Because both bees come in many varieties, the differences do depend on the specific genus (species group).Hair and Color... Read More »

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How to Make Bumble Bees?

Bumble bees are an old fashioned small cake filled with dried fruit and nuts. Perhaps they looked like bumble bees to the cooks of yore, for the name has stuck!