Why should I buy life insurance?

Answer Life insurance is a type of insurance policy that pays money out to one's family or other loved ones specified in the policy in the event of death. The purpose of life insurance is to lessen the fi... Read More »

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Who should own your life insurance?

Well, I want to OWN my life insurance policy! Because the OWNER gets to pick the BENEFICIARY. The life policy is NOT part of your estate, unless the beneficiary is your estate (which is kinda d... Read More »

When should I buy life insurance?

Life insurance is an important purchase, and one that no one can afford to ignore. If you think you may need life insurance, it is important to research your options and shop around to get the best... Read More »

How much life insurance should you have?

On One Hand: Consider Your Family's Living ExpensesIf you have a family that's dependent on your income, you're a good candidate for life insurance. Calculate your family's annual living expenses, ... Read More »

How much life insurance should I carry?

On One Hand: Enough to Provide for FamilyIf you have dependents, you will probably need life insurance to make sure they are taken care of after your death. When evaluating how much life insurance ... Read More »