Why seeders are suddenly getting decreased and irritating me?

Answer peer-2-peer networks download data directly from other user's system and there is minimum role of the main server of the application in it.The most the main server does is provide your application,... Read More »

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Why Am I Suddenly Getting Spam?

If you have signed up for anything spam will come. Also, if you do online surveys they will overflow your mail. Just mark them as spam and your problem will be solved.

Why am I Suddenly getting bruises all over my body?

Possibility #1:vitamin C deficiency.The body uses vitamin C in breaking down the (chemical) meds and detoxifying the bloodstream from their side affects. When we're low on C, our cell walls break... Read More »

Why would someone suddenly start getting abscesses?

I had them a lot as a young child. Eventually they found out it was allergies. The contact dermatitis from h*ll! But seriously, it could be anything, even a low grade staph infection. If it persist... Read More »

My monitor is suddenly getting switched off can any1 tell me what to do?

Sounds like a problem with the monitor, such as overheating or some other component drifting out of spec that is causing the monitor to temporarily shut down. If so, you'll have to replace the mon... Read More »