Why sea water should not be used to house plant?

Answer AnswerSea Water is salty and might not be useful for watering house plants because salt will ruin the plant by osmosis due to water potential differences. So, better to use sweet water. Plants that... Read More »

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How much water should you give a house plant?

Not a lot, but it depends on which species of plant.

If muriatic acid is safe to pH the water in swimming pools can water that is just pH'ed with the acid be used on house plants?

If the water you are intending to use has been brought to Ph of 7.2 as is normally done in swimming pools then there is no problem at all using it to water plants. No. Do not use this acid mixed wi... Read More »

How often should a house plant be watered?

Different plants need different amounts of water. Slowly water the plant until water flows from the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, and then stop. Frequently touch the soil to evaluate whe... Read More »

How far from the house should you plant conifers?

The spacing of conifer trees depends on the species and variety of tree. As a rule, large trees (12 feet and larger) should be given 8 to 10 feet of clearance between the mature canopy and the roof... Read More »