Why rice is considered one source of obesity why not wheat?

Answer Wheat is also considered in the same catagory as rice, as are other grains.If you eat processed grains, they are very nutrient poor, and calorie rich.Whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat, have fib... Read More »

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Should obesity be considered a disability?

No , not exactly a disability , but more a crime. Not a crime by the obese person , but many factor. Major companies , with their beautiful advertising.Schools , with their non emphasis on exercise... Read More »

What is considered morbid obesity?

Obesity is calculated by considering the person's weight in proportion to height. This number is called a body mass index. According to the Mayo Clinic, people with a body mass index greater than 4... Read More »

Do rice noodles have wheat?

Rice noodles do not contain wheat, and therefore are a gluten-free product that can be consumed by those with gluten intolerance. Check the ingredient list to ensure purity of the product.Reference... Read More »

Agree/Disagree : Rice and Wheat is not good for diet ?

Grains came into the human diet at a later stage of evolution, so we're not great with digesting them and assimilating them. If you have to eat them, either have them as a ferment, or make sure th... Read More »