Why revise an employee handbook?

Answer As the times change, so will policies and procedures that were first implemented when you began your company. To keep up with federal, state and local laws, you need to update your employee handboo... Read More »

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Is an employer required to provide a copy of an employee handbook to an employee?

Employers are not required by law to provide employees with employee handbooks. However, certain regulations require that companies post pertinent information such as minimum wage laws. Companies s... Read More »

How to Write an Employee Handbook?

An employee manual, also called a handbook, outlines company policies, procedures and guiding principles in a way that informs employees as to what they may expect from the company they work for, a... Read More »

What is required in an employee handbook?

As an employer, you must follow the federal and state laws when implementing the policy and procedures for your business or organization. Employee handbooks are developed to help prevent wrongful t... Read More »

What is the purpose of the employee handbook?

When you hire an employee there are several company procedures that you need the employee to know, and the employee has many questions. A well-written employee handbook can be a valuable tool to al... Read More »