Why r screensavers called screensavers, how do they save the screen ?

Answer In the olden days, if an image was left on a screen for a long time it would burn itself into the phosphors, and you'd see a faint ghost of the image permanently. A screensaver with a moving image... Read More »

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How Can I Save Screensavers to Another Computer?

Screen savers protect computer monitors from damage when left on a still screen for a long period of time. They are also aesthetically pleasing. They can be easily transferred to another computer b... Read More »

What are screensavers on ur pc really for?

Before the proliferation of LCD screens, most computer screens depended on cathode ray tubes (CRTs).When the same image is displayed on a CRT screen for long periods of time ( like windows task bar... Read More »

Do screensavers actually do anything?

Yes, but it depends on what type of monitor you have. LCDs are immune to phosphor burn or burn in, while the older CRT (picture tube) style monitors are susceptible. Whenever a bright, stationary i... Read More »

How do I download screensavers?

WindowsUse a search engine to locate and download a freeware screen saver to use in Windows (see Resources). Browse for your favorite screen saver using the search box on the upper right, and doubl... Read More »