Why plot registrations are stopped in bellary?

Answer That is a hard question to answer so i will give an example. Hope this will help: If a hairdresser has a waiting room full of people that come to have their haircut everymonth at this salon, then ... Read More »

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Where does Adobe store registrations?

When a program is registered with Adobe, it stores the registration information on its own private servers and within the Windows registry. The registration information can be viewed by running "re... Read More »

What is the difference between AKA& AKC registrations for boxer dogs?

AKC is a registry called the American Kennel Club, likely the most recognized dog registry in America. To be registered by the AKC, both parents must be registered purebreds with the AKC. According... Read More »

How does facebook make money , since all the users registrations are free.?

they sell advertising... the same way every other website and tv channel does

When you are stopped at a red light do you look over at the person stopped next to you?

Yes. To see if1. they are talking on a cell phone2. picking the nose3. wanting to race4.pointing a gun at me5.smoking (I quit)6. they are uglier than me!!!!!!!!!