Why plants do not have a heart?

Answer plants have a vascular system that that is similar to the blood vessels in animals. However rather then having a heart to move their fluids about other forces are utilised. Current theory holds tha... Read More »

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How do I transplant bleeding heart plants?

TimingTransplant bleeding heart in the spring when new growth has just begun to emerge, or in late summer or early fall, when the plant has finished blooming for the season.PreparationPrepare a spo... Read More »

How do I take care of purple heart plants?

Plant purple heart plants in rich, sandy soils or coral rock soils for best results. These soils provide the right amount of drainage for the plant.Put purple heart plants in the sun for best resul... Read More »

Are bleeding heart plants deer resistant?

Bleeding hearts remain a good choice for deer-damaged landscapes. Deer rarely damage bleeding hearts, according to the West Virginia University Extension, though no plant is completely deer resista... Read More »

Are bleeding heart plants poisonous to dogs?

Though beautiful, the bleeding heart plant is highly toxic to dogs. For some dogs, physical contact with the plant can cause dermatitis. Dogs who consume large amounts of the foliage or roots can s... Read More »