Why plants do not have a heart?

Answer plants have a vascular system that that is similar to the blood vessels in animals. However rather then having a heart to move their fluids about other forces are utilised. Current theory holds tha... Read More »

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Is it safe to take an aspirin everyday for heart health if you have heart problems?

The instructions that the hospital gave me when they released me said "Avoid all ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES." which means no aspirin. Apparently aspirin can cause some serious problems for some heart pat... Read More »

My heart stops beating sometimes could I have a heart problem?

Well, I don't think that your heart stopped for a minute, if only because I don't think you would be able to maintain consciousness for even half of that time without some blood flow to your brain,... Read More »

How to Have a Heart to Heart Talk with Your Parents?

Not many of people are blessed with the gift of "guts", but they can change themselves, especially for having a heart-to-heart talk with their parents, which can turn out to be quite a relieving ex... Read More »

I have blockage n all my arteries,and just had a massive heart attack,is open heart surgery my only option?

Hi LisaBlockages in all of the coronary arteries can prove fatal if not treated right. Depending on how severe the blockages are surgery is the right choice. PCI or percutaneous coronary interventi... Read More »