Why plants are important to mankind?

Answer The word pedophile comes from greek, and contains the grapheme æ. Because this is an uncommon symbol, different English speaking places have adopted different standard spellings. In the UK, "paedo... Read More »

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Why do you think the study of biology is important to mankind?

The study of biology has helped mankind in finding cures to diseases by the testing of animals. Biology also helps us have a greater understanding on how the world works. Biology saves lives throu... Read More »

Why Is Photosynthesis So Important to Plants?

All living creatures require energy and nutrients to survive. Animals can be divided into autotrophs and heterotrophs according to how they acquire this energy and nutrients. Autotrophs make their ... Read More »

Why is plants reproduction important?

Because it produces plants that make food that other animals eat, and they are eaten by other animals. Essentially, all the energy on earth comes from Plants because they and a few types of fungi a... Read More »

Why are green plants important?

Without green plants, most life as we know it would be impossible. Plants are the only living organisms capable of manufacturing their own food. In doing so, they provide food to most other living ... Read More »