Why people on social security go to college if they can't work?

Answer Okay, first off, I've known people that have used welfare benefits like WIC and foodstamps, and I can tell you they've paid back what they've taken 10 fold.And honestly, I'd rather get people off o... Read More »

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Can you go to college without a Social Security number?

Yes. Citizens are not required to obtain a Social Security number to attend college. Non-citizens who are only in the country to attend a school or college do not need a Social Security number eith... Read More »

Do Georgia employers pay into the social security disability for employees who have been injured out of the work place and will be off of work for 60-90 days?

Answer Social Security Disability requires that you be disabled for a year and that it be a permanent disability and that you cannot do ANY job in the American Economy.

Can Survivor Social Security Benefits Be Saved for College Education?

Receiving social security benefits as a survivor or beneficiary might have a hidden benefit. Benefits payable to a child that are saved for college education expenses may offset out-of-pocket expen... Read More »

Can survivor Social Security benefits be saved for college education?

Yes, survivor Social Security benefits can be saved for college. The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays death benefits if a "working parents dies." It goes to surviving spouses and their chi... Read More »