Why people ask for skype in youtube?

Answer Once they have you connected to Skype they have a direct connection to you and can exploit the Flash software that Skype uses to access your camera and/or microphone and the rest of your computer i... Read More »

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Mic/webcam for skype,online games and youtube?

I have a Logitech Webcam C110 that has pretty good quality. I picked it up for $20 at Walmart. It has a built in microphone, too, and it's also a good mic - very sensitive, moderately high quality.

What do people use Skype for?

Skype is used by millions of people to communicate. Skype works as a web-based video chat program. You can also use Skype to place computer-to-computer audio calls and computer-to-telephone calls. ... Read More »

If two people are on the same Skype can they see?

No, she can't. If your friend calls you and she answers, it will pick up on her computer, and it will be like you rejected the call on your end, but she can talk to whoever called you. If you IM so... Read More »

How to Remove People From Conversations on Skype?

When you open a chat window in Skype and invite other users into the chat, you're given a set of administrative powers accessible through commands typed into the chat box. Two such commands exist f... Read More »