Why our legs are paining if we keep on standing for more than hour?

Answer Well ,, when we are standing ,, we are using our ( anti-gravity ) muscles to keep the posture ( to hold our bodies from falling using our own muscles ) ... using those muscle over a long period o... Read More »

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;;My hands and legs are paining badly.. :(?

did you have fever before this body pain?... might be dengue fever or chikungunya fever.... with post viral arthalgia.... have your platelet counts checked.... if counts are normal, nothing to worr... Read More »

My foot is paining like hell.. i couldnt even walk some time, when i wake up it lasts for a hour or so..?

plantar fascitis.. there are foot wraps that u wear at night. also always wear shoes with an arch. i went to a podiatrist for my diagnosis.

What is causing my feet and legs to swell im not standing very long at all?

PVD Peripheral vascular disease. It's common in both of those conditions. Especially in diabetes. When a person's blood sugar is elevated for a long period of time, it can cause a plaque to build u... Read More »

My left ear is paining.?

first of all i will suggest you not to put any drops in your ENT specialist suggest me to not use drops at the early age. go to other doctor.