Why other people have better graphics than me using the same graphic card?

Answer Its probably your processor bro. Some games are CPU demanding some are gpu (video card) demanding like bf3. I'm gonna guess and say civilazatiom is a CPU game because its a arts . I think your vide... Read More »

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Which is better asus GT 210 Graphic card or my integrated Intel 945G graphics.?

Anything is better than Intel graphics for gaming, but the G210 is still a weak card for gaming. It's just that the Intel chip is even weaker.

What makes a graphics card better than another?

Just look at reviews and benchmarks. That'll give you a good overall idea.But:-Number of cores (also known as stream processors, shaders, processing units). Higher the better. (note - don't directl... Read More »

Whats better, two 2gb graphics cards, or one 4gb graphics card?

The two 680s should offer a bit more performance than the single 690.Every responder here fails to realize that cards in SLi will mirror their RAM. Therefore, as the 690 is a dual GPU card you wil... Read More »

The Sims 3 graphic issues because of Intel 3000 graphics card?

People have reported problems using your graphics chipset with the 10.7.2 version.The person here seemed to have the same problem your are describing.…The ... Read More »