Why oral and rectal thermometers can give different readings?

Answer Rectal temperature is much less influenced by other factors.

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Are glass oral thermometers more accurate than digital oral thermometers?

On One Hand: Digital is recommends using digital thermometers based on the fact that they are "inexpensive, widely available, and are the most accurate way to mea... Read More »

Why is there such a difference between oral and rectal temperature in my son...orally he is almost always normal or low grade then rectal it is 101-102 degrees?

Rectal is more accurate because it takes the core body temperature.

How to Give an Oral Report?

Oral reports are often difficult to complete, but luckily there is a good method of completing them. Some research, a good outline, and some practice is sure to improve the outcome.

How to give woman oral?

Pay lots of attention to the clit... Use your fingers if your tongue gets a bit tired...