Why only take ginseng for 2-3 weeks?

Answer How many times are you going to ask this when you've already gotten good answers? You can switch to other adaptogens if you'd like to, but you would only NEED to cycle off when you're taking high d... Read More »

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Can you take a bath if you're pregnant - even if it's only 1 or 2 weeks after conception?

Answer If it was a potential problem to the fetus, many women who don't want children would be soaking in the tub.No, just about anything you did before conception is still ok after conception, pr... Read More »

Are you eligible for disability leave if you start a new job when six months pregnant and will only work 10 weeks before you take off?

The answer depends on when your coverage became effective. Most plans are effective after a time frame (ex: the 1st month following your date of hire, etc.). In order to be eligible your coverage w... Read More »

How long ginseng take to effect sex?

Ginseng works via dopamine so it should be instant. If you don't feel anything, you should take more.One trick I've done with similar substances is to take much more than you need. In 1-2 minutes... Read More »

My Doc said 2 weeks prior to my surgery I could only take Tylenol. Is it ok if it is Tylenol with hydrocodone?

the reason he told you tylenol is to make sure you do not bleed excessively during surgery. he does not want you to take anything related to asprin (aleve, ibuprofen, any nasid) is because they wil... Read More »