Why on top of my green tea there's white powder?

Answer no it is not normal, it could be very old, or very bad quality. Bad quality tea is usually made from leftovers, so if you really want to enjoy something nice and refreshing, invest into a box of te... Read More »

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What can I use as white powder besides foundation powder and baby powder?

The kitchen cabinet should provide some Corn Starch.

Dark green pill white white stripe and more..?

Just eat them and find out later man, you'll thank me later.

How to Make Liquid Stevia From Bulk Green Powder?

Stevia rebaudiana is an herb originally found in Paraguay and Brazil. The leaves of this shrub produce substances known as glycosides, which are natural sweeteners. This plant was used in pre-Colum... Read More »

What Is White Acrylic Powder?

When people refer to white acrylic powder, they are generally talking about the type of powder used to create acrylic nails. This powder is actually a powdered polymer called PMMA–polyethylmethy... Read More »