Why not just call raisins dried grapes?

Answer because it sounds funner...hahaha

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Can raisins be made from seeded grapes?

Raisins can be made by dehydrating either seeded or seedless grapes. To make your own raisins out of seeded grapes remove the seeds and dehydrate as you would with a seedless grape, notes Preserve ... Read More »

A friend of mine says that raisins are actually shriveled up grapes. is this true?

How to Plump Dried Raisins?

Once raisins lose what little moisture they have in the first place, they become hard, shriveled and rather gritty. Some people don't realize that under these circumstances not all is lost. There a... Read More »

Burger king family feud: Name a fruit that goes well with salad. A. Oranges B. Grapes/Raisins C. Apples?

I've put every one of those in a summer pasta salad. Very strange question. For tossed salad, I would go with apples. I use dried cranberries in salad, so the raisin's would go well too.FYI: As ... Read More »