Why my p.c alarm beeps sometime while converting a file?

Answer Your CPU may be overheating when it's working hard. Download a program called Everest Home Edition and check the CPU temperature under the Sensor section. If it's too hot, you may have a problem wi... Read More »

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If baby hits head while sittingcries for sometime?

If you are asking what to do then you should pick him/her up and calm him/her down with a soothing tune and soft blanket and a nice kiss on the head. works every time, just don't do it too fast. Ni... Read More »

What video converting program can EXACTLY convert an MKV. File to an AVI. file?

Try Anyconverterx: will convert exactly MKV to AVI!I believe you will not find better software.

I am 26 years old. I have little pain in my molar and sometime i find blood while brushing . Please help?

Bleeding from gums ?? Then you have a condition called periodontitis . You have to do professional cleaning or scaling ..

Converting a Pivot File?

This video should help:…