Why my baby will cry when i will touch other babies?

Answer Usually babies know when a rape is in progress. I highly suggest the for the sake of your baby you stop immediately. Although if you enjoy 'touching other babies' then feel free. Just don't let any... Read More »

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Why is it illegal to even touch eagle eggs, but it's ok to abort babies?

Because Eagles are a limited endangered species....Humans are not.. The world is over crowded and over populated as it is. If the eagle itself wants to kill its own eggs are you gonna then lecture ... Read More »

Can babies say baby?

to be honest i am 12 years old and i know how dumb that is.of course babies carn't say baby because babies cant speak until they are older.duh?

Do baby's have babies?

NO! The poor things would die. AND, to make a baby pregnant, lets just say it would be monsterous!

Why is baby formula bad for babies?

You are correct!Babies who don’t breastfeed:20% increased risk of Leukemia60% increased risk of common and chronic ear infections40% increased risk of DiabetesHuge increase in upper respiratory i... Read More »