Why my PC doesn't detect mt scanner anymore?

Answer Just re-install the scanner software. Power on the unit but disconect the USB cable.Run setup and let the software tell you when to re-connect the USB cable. Let it finish and reboot computer.Once ... Read More »

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Why doesn't Lizzie mcguire's show doesnt air anymore?

Hilary duff found out after doing her movie how much she likes singing and made a CD. now she is to busy, she is now older.

Is it worth buying an ipod if it doesnt work anymore after 2 years?

What is the episode called when pucca doesnt love garu anymore?

Pucca loves Garu all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no episode where pucca doesn't love him but in the episode "He loves Me Not" pucca is extremely sad because she finds out that garu doe... Read More »

Where can I download youtube videos to mp3 I used to use but it doesnt work anymore?

Downloading videos to mp3 can be a bit tricky sometimes. Myself, I always use VDownloader ( to download my .mp3's and I never had any problem. I don't know if you already... Read More »