Why my HDD so much space but the file since is smaller than actual?

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How to Look Smaller Than Your Actual Size?

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Why is the size of a jpg file stored in the memory of a digital camera very large but the same file opened in MS Paint and saved as jpg much smaller?

A jpg file stores a compressed picture. The digital cameras use a relatively weak compression in order to improve the time that it takes to process an image before saving it. Most of the compressi... Read More »

Why do scientists use full scale mock ups of shuttles before actual space missions?

They use these models to... Train- Crew members can learn to use the controls and get used to living in the vehicles. Practice is needed for every situation possible.Test- This lets them test all p... Read More »

Is a mp3 or a wma file smaller?

Mp3s are generally capable of shrinking audio to one-tenth the size of standard CD audio. WMA files can be small also; what's produced will depend on the size of the original file and the degree of... Read More »