Why my CD Rom read only boot able CD?

Answer Sounds like a Windows driver error. Delete your CD drive in Device Manager and reboot your computer.This will get you there if you don't know how to find it:…

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LAPTOP boot Problem please read?

Can the army DS read your mail in boot camp?

While private mail has Fourth Amendment protection, and drill sergeants respect the privacy of those receiving mail, they can confiscate anything that appears to violate their rules and regulations... Read More »

Compaq laptop help! wont boot past windows boot manager?

download and run seagate seatoolsrun a quick surface scan only do not run any other tests as this software can erase the disk completely

Access data on a hard drive with a damaged master boot record and boot sector ?

Yeah, you can access those files.What I would do is to plug the hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and then plug it into my computer via USB. Assuming you lack that equipment, you sh... Read More »