Why mostly Pinoy Pinay prefer to eat can food and noddles here in UAE?

Answer To save money so that they can send more back home to their families. These are our modern-day heroes.

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Do you prefer Chinese food, or Italian food?

Strangely Italian Food is Chinese Food. Some say because of the importance of Venice as an international trading port supplies of silk, tea and spices made their torturous way from China before Mar... Read More »

What Do You Prefer Food?

I would pick Italian because i love pizza and pasta. I hate Japanese because sushi roll-ups are gross and idk how to use chopsticks!!!!!!!!LOL!

Mexican or chinese food.. which do you prefer?

GOSH that is soo hard because those two are my favorite! (Although I'm korean.. I dislike korean food haha) hmm. Chinese food can be absolutely delicious but can be pretty oily and unhealthy. So i'... Read More »

Do you prefer Italian or Chinese food?

Italian one nite and the next we have Chinese.