Why most women complaint about their mother in laws and sister in laws are common - doesn't it mean that some emotional or psychological issues are related commonly with this relation?

Answer I think this is more on the side of the mother-in-law or sister-in-law. They feel that a new woman is coming into their son's/brother's life and essentially taking over the position that they held.... Read More »

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Are your brother in-laws or sister-in laws considered your immediate family?

Your immediate family is another way of describing your nuclear family. Immediately family is usually considered to be your spouse, children, and parents, but sometimes includes parents only if you... Read More »

What is your mother's mother's sister's husband's relation to you?

Your mother's mother is your grandmother. Your grandmother's sister is your great aunt. Your great aunt's husband is your great uncle.

If a pair of sibling related by their half sister had sex what would the relation to the children and half sister be?

I am not exactly sure, but I would think it would be aunt.

What relation to you is your son-in-laws brother?

There is no genealogical relationship. He is just your son-in-law's brother.