Why meditation is being used as a personal growth device or practice these day?

Answer There's very much a connection between mind and body. We can fool ourselves with our minds all day long. We can repress emotions and thoughts; we can suppress them, deny them, ignore them, and pr... Read More »

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How to Practice Buddhist Meditation?

Basic Buddhist meditation is not difficult to learn, although it may take a lifetime to get it right. But you can start today, with only a few things you already have a willing mind. Over time, med... Read More »

How to Practice Kasina Meditation?

Water bowls are great for this, but you can use whatever subject is handy, or whatever subject most appeals to your mind. The value of Kasina meditation lies in the fact they are a neutral subject ... Read More »

How to Practice Compassion Meditation?

It's not just that many hearts have turned cold and hard, its that many people never realised it actually happened. Compassion softens the heart and mind, so it is more tolerant, more flexible and ... Read More »

How to Practice Equanimity Meditation?

The mind spends a fair amount of its time building towers with layers of identity, imagining that it will protect us from harm. But this so often causes us to be trapped in these same towers with o... Read More »